Continuous stands for the assessment of a student throughout the year, not just at the end of a term. It may be done formally or in an informal way using different techniques of evaluation. Comprehensive takes care of assessment of the all round development of a child’s personality. A child will be assessed not only in terms of his knowledge about a subject but his participation in other activities also.

Broadly, we assess a child’s growth in two areas – Scholastic and Co-scholastic.

  • The term Scholastic refers to those aspects , which are related to the intellect or the brain. It is related to the assessment of learners in curricular subjects. It includes assignments, projects, practicals etc.
  • The term Co-scholastic refers to those aspects which are related to hand and heart.


A school session is divided into two Terms:

First Term – April to September.

Second Term – October to March.


First Term (50%)

  • PT1 (5%), NB1 (5%), SE1 (10%), Half Yearly (80%)

Second Term (50%)

  • PT2 (5%), NB2 (5%), SE2 (10%), Annual Examination (80%)